Now what do we do?

The common denominator of America’s humanity has been diminishing.  That commonality now feels like a negative number.


  1. Lynda A Bender says:

    Those of us who have built our lives and careers on compassion and love need to come together with a stronger voice. We must find ways to embrace the anger and resentment this election has placed at the center of public discourse and strengthen our resolve to provide leadership, build coalition, ask hard questions, and craft true encounter with opinion other than our own. Each of us has the responsibility to protect the promise of America in difficult times.

    • I sometimes think of social movement – at least in a free society – as pendulum swings. We swing to one extreme and then gravity or whatever the force is that moves pendulums, swings us in the opposite direction. My hope is that the energy that generates the swinging is not perpetual, diminishing over time so that we can come to rest at some point in a centered state.

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